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Cassandra M.

Here's the close up of her face. First photo of the group.. More to come.
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I bought a dollfie about 4 years ago while I was in Japan. Expensive but she's a custom. I couldn't help myself and I became weak, the cost of the doll wasn't even a factor to me. I thought having her would help me with some new ideas with photos. So here is a test..

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I finally got CS2.
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Sew Sweet! Yesterday was our first sewing social and it was big big fun! All of the ladies (and Pete) produced such fun little creations and we want to thank all of you for coming out and making Sew Sweet a success! We will definitely be doing another one very soon! For those of you who missed out, don't forget to keep an eye on our website for news of registration for Sew Sweet 2! Pics after the jump!!

BTW - I wanted to thank "Shirley", xpolkapunkx for helping me out with this and Mike (Terribly Odd) for taking the time to design such cute looking characters! Thank you! Can't wait to work on the next one. !


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Crank up the good times, y'all! This Saturday from 7pm to 11pm!! Some of our favorite artists have really come through for this fund raising event! Phil Noto, Buff Monster, Terribly Odd, Erik Jones, Dres13 and Stainboy. Wow! With only a few days notice!! On top of that, new artists are being added every day! The sale will be going on all day but the music, food, fun, and prizes start at 7pm! We've got raffles for limited edition designer toys like Joe Ledbetters Ringo Bear and giveaways compliments of our friends at Kidrobot! It's going to be a great night. Thank you to everyone promoting this event!! We're overwhelmed by your support! :)

NOTE : We've received a nonstop stream of phone calls and emails over this event. To answer a common question, the company of Überbot is strong and will not leave you. The Winter Park location is caught up in a classic David / Goliath situation which isn't unusual for small business these days. Our fund raiser will help insure that we move forward with our plans without problems. With your help, the Winter Park store will get through this and before you know it you will be excited to attend all of the major events we have planned for the later part of 2008!

Please help us spread the word on your websites and link to our event page. Tell your friends. Please repost this message! Thank you!! XOXO

I get my braces off in 21 hours..
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Pre-register online by using this special link now!

If you have any questions please contact me at sannybot@gmail.com

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Not new but old, sometimes I like to look back at old photos and see if I missed something I could have used.

Random - I'm at work and the A/C is broken. It's hot as hell and I have about 2 more hours till I can get out of here.


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OH ... MY ... GOD..

Just watch, it's short.
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Saturday, Say it Loud was having an art show with a bunch of artists like SKET-ONE, EOS, DOLLA LAMA , BASK, TES-ONE even including my boy Terribly Odd..

Friday, the day before the show I thought I would take some shots of Terribly Odd to document him and his work. This might be an on going thing for a while so get used to seeing Mike and his awesome art on my page.. :) Unfortunately Mike and I decided not to go to the show due to not wanting to deal with a large, and over crowded venue. Hopefully people around town took some pictures and posted them on line to check out.

Anyway.. Here are some of shot of Terribly Odd and his huge characters.. -

www.terriblyodd.com or terriblyodd.blogspot.com
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Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Sannybot's Shop Announcement
*Polaroid of a Geisha I & II are on sale for a few weeks at $10.00 a piece! Snag them before it's to late!

*Photography prints are also on sale from $15.00 to $20.00 each.

Thank you for checking out the shop.<3
Now, I can really say it's been a while since I did something new. Hope you guys enjoy it. :) Have a good weekend!!

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Hugo, The Cat with a 1000 faces. Ep.1

This was really cute.

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Car chases, kung-fu and comedy come together in the wonderfully warped world of Phoo Action – an offbeat 60-minute drama special for BBC Three.

Based on characters created by Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz, Tank Girl) for The Face comic strip Get The Freebies, Phoo Action is set in 2012, when London is in the grip of mutant criminals, The Freebies.

Looks interesting... heh
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